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Social Responsibility

Spiller & Social Responsibility

Spiller Furniture & Mattress is more than a furniture and bedding company.  Spiller understands its social responsibility in every community we serve.  With that in mind, we respond to many areas of need as well as seek opportunities to make a difference.

One of the major areas we serve our community is in the field of education.  We are an Adopt a School Partner in Northport, AL which is where our corporate headquarters is located.  As a partner, we provide funds for school supplies, reading assistance to students from impoverished areas, Job Shadowing, prizes for contests in the school, teacher appreciation meals and more.

We have sponsored coloring contests in all thirteen cities where we have a store, providing a showcase for the entries in our store windows and providing prizes for the winners.

Spiller has also donated hundreds of dollars to public School Foundations, to help them in their efforts to meet under-funded schools.

We provide Gift Certificates for school fund-raising projects as well as prizes for other functions including silent auctions.

Another area we enjoy serving is in feeding the poor.  On several occasions, Spiller employees have served at the local Soup Kitchen to provide meals for the underprivileged.  We have also collected canned goods for a food drive and served at the local Food Bank in packing grocery boxes for the hungry.

Habitat for Humanity is yet another organization we have volunteered with.  On two occasions, Spiller employees were given paid time off to help construct or rebuild two homes for needy families.

After two different disasters in Louisiana in different years (hurricane and flooding), Spiller initiated drives for needed items for victims of these disasters.  Food, water, cleaning supplies, tools and more were collected in all thirteen Spiller locations. These supplies were then loaded onto our own trucks by our employees and subsequently  delivered by  Spiller to Louisiana at distribution stations there.

At Christmas time, Spiller employees are granted paid leave to help the Salvation Army raise funds with their Kettle Drives.  Our employees can be seen in front of a local discount store, “ringing the bell.”

Many other charitable organizations have received monetary gifts or been given merchandise from Spiller to help meet needs.  This includes food service, homeless, church ministries and many more.

Spiller is also heavily involved in Baseball Country in the Tuscaloosa area.  This organization offers camps to help teach children better baseball and softball skills while enriching their spiritual lives.  Many campers receive a free camp because of donations from people and organizations including Spiller.

Spiller is cognizant of the environment.  We have a massive compactor that crushes boxes that our furniture arrives in. This ensures less land space is needed for bio-degrading.

We are also now carrying a mattress brand that is aware of the impact on landfills from old mattresses being discarded.  Therefore, the manufacturer is using materials that are eco-friendly in the assembly  of the components that go into a new mattress.

Spiller Furniture & Mattress will continue to strive to enhance our world through helping their fellow man as well as following a working model that is contributing to  our world in maintaining  sustainability.